Friday, March 20, 2009

Distributed Control System (DCS)

As time goes my, my weekly report progress continue delayed. Today my target is to complete four out of eight unsettle, but it always good to share what you learn. I am doing my internship in Foxboro (M), a local engineering company. The main business is in oil and gas, provide control system for a plant, including designing, fabrication and services.

Those who don't get the idea what is control system is unlucky. Personally, this job is quite interesting compare with other courses in Electrical and Electronic (EE) such power system, computer and electronics. This job keeps on changing every year, people need faster and more efficient in controlling thing.

and different plant, different challenge!

So far, so good of having internship in this company. We can get hands on experience, chasing around in staging area looking for the electrical hardware which fully imported from USA and handling with isolated software. The most valuable is accessing internet for free, hence I could blogging like now.

For EE Undergraduate
Imagine in a chemical plant, for example a tank that contain chemical. The chemical always flow in and out, has to remain at certain temperature and sometimes the pressure has to be raised up, anything happen should be recorded and alarmed, like chemical student study in process control. For EE, we need transmitters to read the level for those work.

However, the raw reading from the field is in analog, computer only could read digital. The matters on how the signal is converted and instructed need special hardware and software. In Foxboro, they invented such brilliant thing called Intelligent Automation (I/A Series), is an Open Industrial System (OIS) that integrates and automates manufacturing operations.

Practically, thousand instructions should be controlled with minimum mouse click. So, let the instruction in common node and at the same time as to be distributed for specific tasks accordingly.

This is idea about Distributed Control System (DCS)

Moreover, learning UNIX operating system, using SUN Microsystem Computer and learn how medium business is run are new great experiences, I wish I could share later.

Experience is Priceless
Now is the time to keep aside theories and books virtually. Students always bombarded with the theories just for exam. Exam is not wrong, the problem is how we treat the exam for our career purposes.

Working is very different from study, we not just handling with machine but with people. For sure, machine has the discipline which they always followed compared with human being.

Anyway, a very stupid thing is if we see the technology as their ultimate goal in live. Technology should remain as a tool. Everyday we woke up in the morning go to work, build faster car and sending man to the moon until we forgot our obligation as servant or our family, we forget working for the life in hereafter.

Technology is always a tool for a mankind to do good thing, this is my advice, to Madihah as well.

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